Monday, May 27, 2013

While our trip has ended, our journey has not

The past 12 days have been incredible. Paul and I have traveled countless kilometers across Piedmont, through the Lombard into the Emilia-Romagna and across Umbria to reach Lazio. We trekked across Rome like the early disciples, crossing the Tiber multiple times in search of not churches, but pubs, multi-taps with grails filled of barley, not wine. We spoke to countless brewers, marketers, publicans and beer lovers. In the end, we learned so much. Our notebooks and recorders are filled with wise words, long tales of searching, and brewing, stories of overcoming endless obstacles and stories of withering hopes in a country that seems to sink into its own economic marshes.

And still, the people we’ve spoken to persevere. They believe in what they’re doing. And their fruits of barley are unifying. They are still growing steadily against all odds.

While our trip has ended, our journey has not. We have a long road to climb. But we have a wind of whispers from so many who believe in us at our backs. For our families, the sacrifice has been somewhat great. For our coworkers who’ve held the brunt of labor during our busy season, we cannot thank enough. Tee shirts and hats and even great beers cannot match the gratitude we have for your sacrifices. So we have that too behind us in making this book.

Now the time has come to write. Our deadline is fast approaching. We have until April 2014 to have a book in hand, ready to sell. Several brewers from Italy will be here for the Craft Brewer’s Conference. Events will be held, great beers will be drunk, fantastic brewers will be met. This will be for many of them their first face to face with the American public. Paul and I have been and will continue to promote their message and their beers. We believe in them too.

Upon my return, in the first week of June we will be meeting Agostino Arioli of Birrificio Italiano, one of the four original founders. We will be holding an event at the Falling Rock, Friday, June 7th. So come have a taste of what’s to come, hang out with Paul and me and hear our story first hand. But most importantly, come down and meet one of the great brewers of Italy, perhaps of the world, Agostino Arioli.

‘Til Friday the 7th, Cin Cin


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